Tax Advisors in Putney

Do you have any idea about the latest tax investigation special forces teams de4ployed by HMRC to catch tax dodgers?

The latest approach by HMRC has lead to the launch of five new investigation task forces to speed up the process of catching tax evaders. They will carry out targeted tax enquiries. What are the differences of these investigations from other tax investigations? Normal investigations concentrate on one tax for example Corporation Tax, VAT or PAYE, but a task force investigation will cover all taxes relevant to the business. This makes this type of enquiry more difficult and time consuming to deal with.

We have got to know that already many businesses are being subjected to a number of extra record checks and investigations under systems introduced by HMRC. This is all part of the government’s plan to squeeze an extra £7 billion annually by focusing on tax avoidance. This is equivalent to more than £2,000 extra tax per business.

If you are up against an investigation by HMRC, there’s no time to relax. The best thing to do is to get in touch with an experienced tax consultant. KVS accountants have previously helped a number of businesses in the South West London Region to deal with these investigations. If your business is based in Putney, you are in luck. We are just a walking distance away from the Putney Bridge Tube Station.

Contact KVS Accountants on 020 7731 6131 for a free initial appointment to discuss your tax affairs. We serve as tax advisors in Putney, Fulham, Barnes, Chelsea and Wandsworth.


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