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One in 20 Audit Firms Quit as Market Evolves

Published on August 22, 2016 By admin

Within the last time there has been a continued decrease of firms which provide audit services. The reason for this might be the regulatory and legislative edicts. Watchdog Financial Reporting Council published a report called “Key Facts and Trends”, it shows that 304 practices have ditched their audit licences since December 2014. Smaller audit firms […]

Avoiding Tax on Your Home Phone

Published on October 3, 2012 By admin

The phone bill of a home phone paid by the company can be considered as a taxable benefit-in-kind for employees and as a result can lead to a NI bill for the employer. Are there any ways to supply a phone to your employee but to avoid tax and NI.

All about the Rent a Room Relief

Published on September 14, 2012 By admin

When renting a room in your own home, the tax implications of the rental income earned is something that most people ignore. The aim of this article is to outline few points related to your rental income. Where you let part of your home, HMRC calculates the taxable income for a year by deducting something […]