UK Business Confidence Growing

There’s a growing business sentiment in the UK triggered by a positive economic outlook. This is indicated by the number of UK businesses planning to increase their spending on marketing from last year. According to a survey, a net proportion of 38.5% of businesses intend to raise their marketing budgets this year. These are findings of a survey of more than 2,000 companies carried out by research group Mindmetre.

In contrast to 2011, the survey showed no net increase in companies raising spending. According to the research firm, Mindmetre the business confidence was growing. The survey comes at a time when many fear the UK will slip into recession.

In Mindmetre’s research, 57.1% of companies said they planned to boost their marketing budget in 2012, while 18.6% said they intended to cut it. In 2011, 41% planned to increase marketing spend, and 42% planned to cut back. The survey, which covered businesses of all sizes, also showed a higher proportion of big businesses with more than 1,000 employees intending to raise their marketing budget than small businesses.


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