Delay in the issue of some Self Assessment Tax Return Statements

According to the reports coming out from HMRC, HMRC has more Self Assessment statements than usual to issue this year. Bearing in mind that these self assessment tax return forms are issued in July, this year HMRC has taken steps to issue some in August as well. If you are yet to receive your tax return form, you don’t have to worry as you will receive them by the end of August.

If HMRC has asked you to make a second payment on account, it is expected that you had made the payment by 31 July assuming that you received your tax return form during July. You usually have to pay interest if you don’t pay on time. However, this year the situation is bit different. If you receive your tax return statement in August, still you are expected to pay your tax as soon as possible. However, you will only asked to pay interest on non payment of the account by 27 September.

As an accountant, how will I know whether some of my clients are affected by this?

HMRC has taken steps to send the Self Assessment / Tax Return statement to most who are due to pay tax by 31 July. The statement tells them much tax they need to pay. However, please make a note that if any of your clients’ Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number ends with digits from 70 to 99 then you may be affected. If so you will receive your statement in August.

For those who want to pay their tax now

If you send your tax return online you can pay electronically, or you can make a payment by phone. You can find advice on how to pay by following the link below.

If you need any help with your tax return contact KVS Accountants. KVS are accountants for clients in Hammersmith, Richmond, Chiswick, East Sheen, Knightsbridge, Kensington

Find out how much to pay?

If you send your tax return online you can find out how much you owe by viewing your account online. Click the following link to view your account.

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