Auditors in Fulham

If your business meet the audit threshold, it is highly likely that you will be subjected to an annual statutory audit. In the standard audit reports that accompany financial statements, the auditor’s responsibility is to express their opinion on whether the company’s accounts presents a true and a fair view.

The auditing profession calls the discrepancy between what investors expect and what auditors do an “expectations gap.” In recent years, audit firms have attempted to close the gap by educating the public on their role. However, the giant corporate scandals reported in the recent past have caste a doubt on the impartiality of auditor’s report.

On their own, audit reports don’t tell investors how auditors reached their conclusions beyond stating the general scope they worked under and that they followed generally accepted auditing standards. The reports are instead short summaries expressing that the financial statements under review fairly present the company’s operations and cash flows.

However, being an auditor in not an easy task. At KVS, we are extremely cautious about our duties and obligations as auditors. Our team comprises of experienced auditors with extensive experience in audit procedures and internal controls of a business. Contact KVS Accountants on 020 7731 6131 for a free no obligation meeting on how we can help you. We act as auditors in Fulham, Putney, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Earls Court, Battersea, Wimbledon and Wandsworth



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