Autumn Statement; What’s in it For the Savers and Pensioners

For savers, the annual ISA contribution limit will rise modestly from the current level of £11,280 to £11,520 from April 2013, a rise of 2.1%.. But previously it was said that this would be increased in line with inflation.

What about pensions?

The basic state pension will rise by 2.5% next year to £110.15 a week. Meanwhile, the two main limits on tax relief for pension saving are being reduced, again, although this will mainly affect the top 1% of pension savers. From 2014-15, the lifetime allowance for tax-free pension saving will be cut from £1.5m to £1.25m, and the annual allowance will be cut from £50,000 a year to 40,000.

The chancellor said by 2016-17 this would recover about £1bn of the tax relief currently given away to people saving in pension schemes.

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