Local Accountants at your Doorstep

Are you thinking of working for yourself??

Are you the enterprising kind of character??

If the answers to the above two questions are “Yes” then you are in the right direction to establish your own business!!!

However, starting up a small / medium scale business or managing one in this tough economic climate could be a challenging task. The issues you may encounter could be anything ranging from complex tax or VAT matters to general business advice.

But the benefits of running your own business are many. From the total autonomy to the greater share of profit, you will feel the world is at your feet!!!

We at KVS are here at your doorstep to help you to make the right business decisions. As local accountants we cover the areas of Fulham, Putney, Wimbledon and Hammersmith and provide a wide range of tailored financial and tax related services to small and medium scale businesses.

The areas of Fulham, Putney, Wimbledon and Hammersmith are booming business hubs in South West London, Hence, there are more business opportunities in these areas than ever. Our job at KVS is to direct our clients in the right direction to make the best business decisions. KVS has been engaged in serving clients based in Fulham, Putney, Wimbledon and Hammersmith for nearly 10 years and as a result we are rich with local business knowledge and expertise. Thus many small and medium sized businesses have chosen us to act as their local accountant.

Our main services to you include :

01. Accounting Services

02. Bookkeeping Services

  • Maintenance of sales and purchase ledger
  • Invoicing
  • Bank, debtor and creditor reconciliation
  • Fixed Asset register and general ledger

03. Payroll

  • Weekly or monthly pay roll running
  • Dealing with P60, P45 & P46
  • PAYE advice and assistance

04. Taxation

05. General Business Consulting

  • Advice on cost reduction strategies
  • Formulation of business plans for new business strategies
  • Better market penetration advice
  • Advice on business regulations and upcoming amendments


The above are just a basic outline of our services to you. The added advantage of choosing KVS is that as your local accountant we are in a position to advice you about what you can do to make full use of your business potential. From our experience we know the issues you face in day to day handling of your business.

So you will be in a very good position to seek advice as KVS is based in Putney and is easily accessible by bus or tube from other areas surrounding Fulham, Wimbledon and Hammersmith.

Our approach to each business is unique as we understand that every business has its own distinctive features based on the product / service they provide and the market they operate in. That is why you should get in touch with us for expert advice on the matter at hand.

Get in touch with us for better understanding of your business potential. We will book you for a free no obligation business meeting with one of our partners who will advice you on the matter at hand.

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