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Is There a Tax Advantage in Investing in Forests?

October 31, 2012

If your company is looking at ways of investing spare cash then investment opportunities relating to woodlands is worth considering. The reruns from these investments are sizeable and also come with tax incentives. If you search for details it’s not difficult to find reports of investments in woodlands producing annual returns in double figures. Usually […]

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Implications of Cash Accounting for VAT

October 26, 2012

VAT done based on cash accounting offers benefits to small businesses, However, this will only be momentarily. When your turnover reaches the limit you’ll have to leave the scheme. The cash accounting scheme is a simple way for businesses to improve their cash flow. It allows you to defer accounting for VAT until the quarter […]

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How to Take Your Tax Complaint to the Next Level

October 24, 2012

If you think that you were not correctly advised on your tax affairs or a relating tax investigation and HMRC refuses to accept, this makes the matters worse. Will this be the end of your tax investigation? And are you liable completely for the wrongdoing? Are there any steps for you to pursue justice? Keeping your […]

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More Tax Investigations on the Way

October 19, 2012

Now it is a practice of HMRC to visit businesses to check the authenticity of their records. But earlier this year, they were put on hold. However, they are going to restart this process. The government has made has made their intentions clear to check on the records of businesses as part of its war […]

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Tax Saving Idea for Your SEIS Shares

October 17, 2012

SEED Enterprise Investment Scheme also known as SEIS tax breaks are worth at least 50% of your investment, but the downside of this is that your money will be tied up for some time. The question being raised in this article is for how long it will be tied before you can get your hands […]

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An in-depth Analysis of Advisory Fuel Rates for VAT

October 12, 2012

There had been many changes recently to the rules affecting income tax and VAT where you pay for fuel. This is mainly related to fuel used by your employees for private journeys. What are these changes and how might they affect your business? If it is a practice of your business to provide directors or […]

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Compliance Audit Checklist

October 10, 2012

The main objective of a compliance audit is to ensure the internal and financial controls and reporting adheres to laws, regulations, policies, or procedures accepted in auditing.  A Compliance audits can be done internally, externally, or by a government agency to ensure the company’s adherence to auditing standards. Companies sometimes elect to undergo audits by […]

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Reporting Financial Performance

October 5, 2012

Over recent years, there have been a few Answers to certain disclosures within the financial statements such as when ‘exceptional items’ are encountered and there is uncertainty as to how to disclose these. The standard, which controls the way by which the financial performance is reported, is that of FRS 3 Reporting Financial Performance. The […]

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